Central Hartise Map

I promised information on the novel and background seems like a good place to start, and a visual offering an even easier place to start. This is the middle of a larger map that was created over ten years ago. The country is Hartise (pronounced Har•tize) and it’s located in the center of a continent that the Old Empire, The Emprensen Empire, dominated for nearly 3,000 years. That empire fell about 1,000 years before this story and Hartise remains the largest human civilization after its demise. When the Empire was at its height Hartise was considered a backwater province, significant largely because The Great Lake was central to river travel to the south and because one of the few east-west mountain passages was located on its eastern border.

There were other, smaller reasons why it was important, but most of them weren’t recognized until after the Empire’s demise…

This map is relevant, not just to the novel and its sequels, but to the journal I’ll start here that will eventually tie to the series. Enjoy exploring!

Central Hartise

Central Hartise map by Christina Anne Hawthorne

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