Who Possesses Magic in Hartise?

In small Hartise on the continent of Ontyre most people don’t possess magic (they’re referred to “nons” for short). Officially, magic has been illegal in Hartise since 4113 when King Credulus came to power, though its practice is allowed at the Ministry of Magic. Opposing the King and the Ministry are the Keepers, a group that includes nons, partials, and a small number of wizards.

More specifically, there are wizards, sorcerers, witches, minor wizards, practitioners, and partials (senses), and that’s just the humans within the country’s borders. Practitioners work for the Ministry and possess the ability to hurl fire and to sense if anyone near is using magic. Minor wizards are similar to wizards, but their ability is restricted to a single talent like summoning fire or spelling against combustion so that it’s safe to operate a forge (the “why” of that has to do with natural magic and raw magic, but that’s a huge topic!). Partials consist of healers, seekers, seers, sirens, and sylvans.

So, there’s a tiny bit of information to aid understanding life in Hartise.

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