Finally, something about the novel…

“Where Light Devours”

Life on the road alone with only your horse for company is difficult. It’s worse when a corrupt government and the twisted Ministry of Magic that controls it are hunting you. It’s a bright light that sears your eyes to blindness when you step into multiple the conspiracies overlapping at your feet.

Amidst a Victorian-like backdrop where magic replaces technology, Ergain Cursa, a twice orphaned currier for the Keepers, plunges into illusion and intrigue. Fleeing for her life, she struggles to sort friend from foe, including the man for whom she has a growing attraction and who might possess the most malicious intent. Though burdened with lingering sorrows, she awakens a voice and inner strength that may have stirred too late to save her and the land she holds dear.

And buried within her are answers she doesn’t know exist, answers that could save her cause, her country, and herself.

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