Return Engagement

It was your favorite nick-knack. You’ve glued it together before, yet there it is scattered fragments on the floor. How’d it happen? After the other accidents you took every precaution and yet disaster struck again. You should repair it or discard it, but instead you sit on the floor, your back to the wall, and lament your life, luck, and losing hand.2012-12-10 sweater 1

There are those who’ve suffered little, yet suffer still, and there are those who’ve suffered greatly, yet move on. What’s the difference? Learning.

My life’s pieces have scattered more times than I can count, and count them I often did, but I’m learning to not count, but instead learn the lessons provided. Last year my lungs became inflamed again. My frustration inspired tears and anger, but after my initial self-pity I regrouped and summoned the lessons I learned when first I did battle with my disease. Time to fight. Time to win.

Too often our perception becomes skewed because we allow the negative to “stick,” to linger, distract, and dominate until it becomes obsession and blocks all else. Let it go. Hold on to the learning, for it’s a sword to wield. Those who play the victim in life become the victim in life’s play and must fall on that sword. Choose your role carefully.

Don’t dwell on your past, ignore your present, and worry about your future. Instead, learn from your past, live your present, and believe in your future.

Any learning you’d like to share? Please do.

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