Coming Together

This is an unscheduled blog in the sense that I haven’t made a blog post on Tuesday before. At least, I don’t believe I have. Anyway, I’ve a lot going on in my life right now, good and bad, and so I’m busy sorting my priorities and plans.2013-04-02 07

Through it all my editing efforts have accelerated. I truly believe one day I’ll look back at this year and remember it as the time when all that I’d struggled to learn came together. Cutting down adverbs, diminishing passive voice, showing vs. telling…such changes are easier to make in recent months. Chapters are shrinking 25% or more and when I reread them the content appears intact. On the other hand, they’re a faster read.

This site, this blog, isn’t intended as a place for my excuses for why I’m not writing, though that’d be the easier road. This is a blog to hold my reasons for why I’m writing…that keeps me accountable.

Where Light Devours isn’t about me reaching for perfection, it’s about me learning a craft and reaching the level needed to present my work for sale. To present anything less than my best effort would be an insult to my readers. On another positive note, I’ll stress that the sequel, The Other Side of the Aperture, will materialize in far less time.

Thank you, everyone.

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