What’s Within

When I started this site over two months ago I intended to post to the blog about once-a-week. It didn’t happen. Illness and medication side-effects became obstacles on my path. In defiance I continued writing what I could, but my voice faded. As I’m certain all of you can attest, life is rife with impediments. My past six weeks were a journey on an unclear path in a thunderstorm.2013-04-02 20

At the same time, as has happened before, in the darkest night I grasped the sparkling gem that long waited for me to open my eyes. I held it tight and again knew the warmth that is hope.

The strange thing is, when you open your hand it’s gone because it was within you all along.

A truth too easily forgotten.

So often we view hope in almost reverent terms as if it were a gentle sunrise over a mountain peak. Mine’s a tiger. When I have both hands on hope I want to run down my path and brush those low branches aside in my newfound determination.

Hope is future strength given today. Hope raises you to your feet when the world shoves you down. Hope stays the hand that would take the life. Hope is possibilities.

Possibilities are opportunities.

My thanks to everyone who’s stopped by the past month and a huge thank you to those who’ve decided to stay. I shall continue to take the opportunity to share whether you’re seeking shelter from the storm—or the sunshine. It’s my intent to blog each Thursday morning. It’s also time to tread a path to each and every sunrise.

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    • Thank you! Inspiration is that upward spiral we’d all like to have spin around us and now you’ve helped to spin it for us all. I appreciate your taking the time to comment.

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