Reshaping the Vision

So, it’s Saturday morning here and this is when I’ve posted another The Journal segment in the past. It’s not here, obviously. Instead, I’m here. Sorry about that, but there’s a reason for the change.

I refuse to post writing that’s not my best effort, and although I’ve always stressed that The Journal was a first draft, I now have one person complaining.

I’m complaining.

As Supreme Dictator Christina I’m sending The Journal on hiatus until after I have several other tasks completed, including a trip to Denver.

To those who followed the segments, my apologies. It will return. It will also continue to play a large part in the Ontyre Series, fitting between Where Light Devours and The Other Side of the Aperture.

There were issues I could no longer ignore.

The biggest problem was writing it in first person. I’ll use that voice for a short story, but for anything longer I’m uncomfortable. It tends to make me a sloppy writer over time. If a sentence is poorly constructed I delude myself that (in a way) it isn’t my fault, but instead the protagonist’s fault. After all, it’s her talking.

Yeah, sometimes you can’t trust your characters…

Well, my characters should ALWAYS be able to trust me.

Another problem was the journal format. I liked it for daily installments, but not after I switched to the weekly installments. I could have forced the issue and forged ahead, but my heart wasn’t in the writing and it showed. I also wasn’t satisfied with the title, but failed to take the time to create a better one. That’s inexcusable.

The bottom line is that the story wasn’t meeting my standards.

It’s my hope, given that this is a first draft, that many readers will find it fascinating when I make the changes. This is how I work and now you’ll all have the opportunity to look over my shoulder. My cats do it all the time.

I sincerely thank you for your patience and look forward to providing an online story worthy of my readers.

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  1. The best writers change things around and experiment and dare to start again. Good luck we will be watching and enjoy your trip, the break may inspire something completely out of this world.

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