The Emprensen Empire History, Page 1

Farther back than time records did the continent, Ontyre, exist as wild lands and regions where loosely associated lords ruled civilizations enduring few threats. Chief among the existing dangers were the grolns in Marnse and the Boiling Wastes, the shrouds isolated in the deserts, the roving hydra spiders in the south-central lands, residual magic, and each other.


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What they called the Initial Reckoning was begun only after the Ermprensen Empire was created. It’s that reckoning that serves as the basis for this history.

Prior to the Empire the civilization with the longest history was the densely wooded ora’ean homeland, Forstava. Located in the far west, no other lands were as safe. Their distant past is little known, for the ora’ean share little with outsiders, or engra, and the suspended library in Mlorashire have never seen an outsider within its walls.

Stretching along the centralized Key River Valley was the Kingdom of Aramon, a land entering a social renaissance when the Empire was created, though at the time neither power was aware the other existed. Aramon maintained excellent relations with many peoples, trading with the ora’ean via the Thail Water and the merchins via the Key River. Additionally, the bru, hobs, rhonitions, and even neanders were often found within its cities, especially in Meldenphire.

Younger was the Sannose Alliance, a collection of mostly human, cooperating overlords in the rich farmlands and ranches in the far south. Also within its borders were the fiercely independent merchins that populated the southern islands and harvested their needs from the sea.

On the continent’s eastern coast were the Kingdoms of Emprensa and Lithinnell. Emprensa, the larger, more powerful, and more prosperous, dominated its weaker neighbor to the north. Over time Lithinnell became little more than a buffer against the neander tribes in the northwest and the human warlords in the far north. It’s absorption into its southern neighbor marked the Emprensen Empire’s creation.

The Empire’s birth was marked in Brillica after King Vesphor defeated a groln army that came north out of the Boiling Wastes near Fargoon. Riding the resulting popular support, Vesphor solidified his power with an unyielding will and a rock steady hand. Supporting his efforts in secret was what was later called the Wizard’s Council. Far in the future the Council’s unwise decisions unleashed upon the unsuspecting populace the worst horrors found while exploring the Alternate Worlds the wizards had located.

But first came the Isle of Kron, the Heritage Declaration, the War of Magics, the rise of The Order, and the discovery of the Aperture. Yes, the Aperture changed everything…

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    • Thank you for the comment. I’ll admit that some names are chosen simply because they have the sound I’m looking for or convey the emotion I desire. For instance, Mlorashire seems friendlier and more village-like than Brillica. Both serve my purposes. Other names required more thought. Forstava is derived from the word, forest. Simple enough. Others are more complicated. Thail Water was created using the ora’ean language I developed. Thail means “wood.” That makes sense because the river flows out of a forest. Further, the ora’ean don’t use the word “river,” but instead use “water.” And now we’re full circle because in ora’ean “mlora” means “high harmony” (Mlorashire exists entirely on gigantic, suspended platforms). Yeah, I love writing fantasy. Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

      • I’m reminded of JK Rowling and the names she gave to people that described who they were and what they did. Great thought processes involved here and it shows how invested you are in your creative work. Impressive.

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