Saving the World

Let’s all rise today and save the world.

Earth Full South Pacific

Earth Full South Pacific (Photo credit: FlyingSinger)

Oft times in fantasy fiction the protagonist steps forward, overcomes the internal and/or external obstacles, and saves the world…perhaps even the universe. Tolkien had it right that such a person wasn’t always a great warrior or royalty. Even the smallest shoulders can surprise us and carry the heaviest loads.

In this world we live in there are many who regularly take on adversity to make the world a better place in a professional capacity. Doctors, soldiers, police officers, and firefighters come to mind in an instant. As large as their contributions are, though, they don’t individually save the world. No one person brought down Hitler who, even at his most powerful, was still a long way from world domination.

Without venturing into myth or religious doctrine it’s safe to say that one person who saves the world isn’t a scenario we often come upon. Yet it has made numerous appearances in fantasy fiction.

The reality is that it’s the many.

The reality is that it’s not just those who save others as a profession, but everyone.

The reality, for me, is that I have two daughters who saved my life three years ago.

But even more often it’s about acts that fall far short of saving lives. A couple of weeks ago we had a rare east wind that blew in excess of 60mph (96kph) and a section of my fence fell over (not the posts). Wimpy me could only raise one corner a couple of inches so that’s where the section remained.

My job dictates that I sleep during the day and last Thursday I was awoken when the doorbell rang. When I reached the door I spied a tall man nearly returned to his pickup. Not dressed and believing him a salesman I walked to the study to check my mail. A couple of hours later I glanced out the kitchen window and was stunned to discover the fence section back in place. I went outside and found that he’d not only stood it up, but had screwed it into place, which accounted for why I hadn’t heard him working.

He didn’t save the world, but he was my hero that day. A man like that—I have no idea who he was—made a difference and as a fantasy writer that act wasn’t lost on me. When many people step forward those small differences add up. Those are the people we see and interact with each day and those are the characters that readers can most identify with in fiction.

In our fantasy worlds every level of hero and heroine is needed.

In this world every level of hero and heroine is needed.

Let’s all go out and save the world today.

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