The Before and After of Now

Well, I’ve given my story the boot…the reboot, that is.

I’m old enough to remember the day when there were original movies and then there were remakes. Then computers came along and the word reboot appeared. In those days it seemed as though rebooting was a regular activity. Perhaps with PCs it still is? I don’t know. Five years ago I went over to the other side and have used a Mac ever since.

Yes, I’m one of them.

Then they started rebooting movies like Batman, Superman (a couple of times now), and the Star Trek franchise. I’m certain they’ve even rebooted films before I’ve seen the originals. H’m, does that mean if I now watch the original I’m watching a pre-reboot? Perhaps those films will eventually be preboots?

Everyone write down that I said it first! Preboot.

Hopefully some films that are near and dear to my heart won’t be booted in any direction until after I’m gone. Mostly, it seems, action films are rebooted so I think Casablanca and Breakfast at Tiffanys are safe.

For awhile.

And so here I am no better than everyone else and rebooting my own story. Does it qualify since it’s unpublished? I have no idea. Well, it’s my story so I guess I can reboot or remake or pre-reboot or pre-bake it if I want.

Anyway, The Journal returns as the re-imagined (another recent word, I think) Last Word Before Dying this coming Tuesday.Last Word

It’s been an interesting experience thus far and a humbling one, for in the retelling I realized how far I’d gotten away from the story I’d intended to write. Even if it’s a free story and a first draft I still want to share only my best effort. If you were following it before you’ll barely recognize it now. Well, the font is the same. Okay, the names haven’t changed, though there are…

I’ll let you read it and find out.

Anyone else out there ever made major alterations to a story after starting it? Please share if you did (or share about your writing experiences even if you didn’t).

For now, I need to rest a little before getting ready for a wedding. I bought a new dress on Monday and I’m a little nervous…

2 Replies to “The Before and After of Now”

  1. I haven’t actually written the “reboot” yet (although I have framed out most of the new plot), but there’s a story I wrote in middle school that I’m planning to rewrite. Looking back, I love the basic concept and the characters, but the plot is just not right. But I really feel like this “reboot” is a much better idea than most of the other stuff I’ve come up with recently. I’m hoping I actually get around to writing it, and also that it turns out well.

    • If your heart is in its revival then I’m certain you’ll do well with it. At the very least, given your dissatisfaction with your more recent ideas, it may be the perfect way to revive an old story and your writing spark. In that sense you’d also be rebooting your creativity and that’s always a good thing.

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