Writing Lines in Summertime

Brainstorm, write, edit, and the hours pass…

Here in the States we’ve passed that point between spring and autumn that I like to call “that point between spring and autumn.” Sorry, I’ve an odd sense of humor.

Midsummer. There, that’s better.

Backroad, 2013-07-14 Christina Anne Hawthorne

Backroad, 2013-07-14
Christina Anne Hawthorne

The long days here are hot now, but with the dry air the heat is tolerable. The nights, even at this high altitude (5300 ft), are relatively mild (that’ll start changing next month) and the stars are crystal clear. The winds that so often rake the countryside have settled down to a gentle breeze. The trees are green. The prairie is transitioning from green to beige. The birds are floating in the air and, in some cases, on the water.

Bird Island, 2013-07-18 Christina Anne Hawthorne

Bird Island, 2013-07-18
Christina Anne Hawthorne

It looks like, smells like, and burns on my skin like summer.

For this writer that means kicking myself repeatedly, for I must often remind myself to venture outside on occasion. It’s far too easy to become obsessed with writing, with editing, with staring at the screen while children laugh, lawn mowers growl, and the rains forget to fall.

Sometimes I must remind myself that spending time outdoors pays great dividends later when I sit at the keyboard. Not only are my typing batteries recharged, but every experience is an experience stored for later use.

After all, I dislike waste.

I’m no photographer, but I do enjoy taking pictures. Last spring I purchased my first (believe it or not) digital camera. Okay, I should amend that. Back in 2008 I bought a digital movie camera, but its still photo quality pales against this camera (Canon Power Shot) and the zoom is less effective.

North Platte Islands, 2013-07-14 Christina Anne Hawthorne

North Platte Islands, 2013-07-14
Christina Anne Hawthorne

Anyway, I’ve been making short excursions this summer to record my surroundings, each time heading in a different direction with no real intent as to what I’ll photograph. Having no definite agenda is exciting. Since I started embarking on my little trips I’ve begun using more of my own pictures in my blog, especially when I post poetry.

Too, my casual photography has inspired a resurgence in my poetry output.

In turn, the photography and poetry has influenced my other writing—like this post. Yes! I love it when inspiration comes full circle.

I already have road trips planned for next week and will be venturing to Salt Lake City in early August. After that…who knows?

Moon Over Refinery, 2013-06 Christina Anne Hawthorne

Moon Over Refinery, 2013-06
Christina Anne Hawthorne

I implore anyone working away at their beloved WIP or any other writing to break away from the computer, the notebook, or the writing pad. Seek the river, the mountains, the shore, the park, or the backyard. Soak up the sun, putter at golf, swing that tennis racket, or run the bases. No matter what season it is where you are, please don’t let it pass you by.

I’m determined to write each day—and live each day.

River Squirrel, 2013-07-08 Christina Anne Hawthorne

River Squirrel, 2013-07-08
Christina Anne Hawthorne

Feel free to share any outdoor plans no matter your season.

6 Replies to “Writing Lines in Summertime”

  1. its the monsoons here in india and ur post made me miss summer. we have the school holidays in summer, and hence,ever since my childhood, summers have meant a festival of sorts, long days and evenings of nothing to get done. i believe life is lived through the non-compulsory actions we take, things we do, though we dont have to.

    being a lazy bum, i ususally dont head out. though being a lover of nature. thats a big shame. pretty soon, motivated by ur post, i will start planning my forays into the wide and welcoming world.

    thanks. ur writing s are an inspiration.

    • You’re very welcome. My being guilty of “lazy bum” status too often is what prompted the post. I could use a day of monsoon once in awhile, for it’s quite dry here and I sometimes believe I’m heading towards prune status (aging aside). As we steadily turn brown I shall imagine fondly your lush green, though you may be tiring of the rain. We, too, have school holidays in summer and I now recall fondly those carefree days. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Christina Im a fan of taking a walk with nature what a beautiful place, your photos are lovely and left me wanting to step out the door and yet it is freezing here this morning, so I will venture out when the sun warms my back. Thanks for the reminder.

    • You’re welcome. Your posts and beautiful photography in many ways inspired, not only this post, but my venturing out to take pictures. Thank you. I’m enjoying these warm months, but my favorite time is the autumn here when the days are more brisk and the sun warms my back.

  3. My breaks are far and few between but I couldn’t live with myself here in Florida without the occasional boat trips and trips to the mountains to regenerate my spirit and rinse my soul..

    • Yes, the ocean and the mountains renew and I’m grateful to have experienced both. It’s long since I was in Florida and now the ocean is 1200 miles away. The prairie’s vastness beneath a seemingly endless sky is my substitute for now. On the other hand, the mountains are close (as in visible from my front yard). I do hope you keep fitting those breaks in. I’m glad you commented.

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