An empty room. Bare walls, the decorations stripped away, the pink pigment faded to white. The outlines where the paint isn’t peeling exist as hints, as shapes representing a life Continue Reading →

Here, But Not Here

I was somewhere else and didn’t know it. It’s something I do often, quite often. In fact, I’m “elsewhere” far more often then ever I realized. No, I’m not hallucinating, Continue Reading →

Battling for Treasure

It isn’t long since I discovered the most exquisite treasure… Perhaps several readers are concluding at this point that I’m talking about my writing? Actually, I’m talking about what makes Continue Reading →

Ontyre Visions

I’m so excited that I’m making a special post today to announce the official unveiling of Ontyre Visions on Pinterest. It contains carefully selected images that capture the essence of Continue Reading →

Journey to the Other Side

In my efforts to bring you the finest fantasy stories I can write and the most vivid world I can construct I continue to make every sacrifice possible. So, in Continue Reading →

Across Central Wyoming

American history. Exposed geology. Ontyre inspiration. A simple drive can provide so much, if a couple of hundred miles can be considered simple. Recently I made a drive I’ve made Continue Reading →