Journey to the Other Side

In my efforts to bring you the finest fantasy stories I can write and the most vivid world I can construct I continue to make every sacrifice possible. So, in keeping with that philosophy I recently made yet another secret journey to the world of Ontyre.

The Great Traveler Herself Yeah, not quite.

The Great Traveler Herself
Yeah, not quite.

I can hear your skepticism, or is that your snickering belief I’ve ingested too much crazy?

Probably it’s more about my fasting all night for a blood draw later this morning and the fact that I’m ready to start gnawing on the furniture. My keyboard is starting to resemble white chocolate…

Anyway, I went on another scouting mission to Hartise.

The way I see it there isn’t any better way to describe the world’s features than to experience them first-hand.

It was—to put it in a single word—exhilarating.

It was also scary and several times more thrilling than I’d have liked. Good food, though, when I could get it.

Too, although I repeatedly proclaimed my ignorance of swords they insisted I carry a weapon of some kind in case I became separated and needed to protect myself.

Christina fending off a werewolf on the Baris Plains. Not a pretty picture. Especially after the fact. I run from little spiders. I freeze and break into a cold sweat if they’re larger than either of my horrified wide eyes.

Fortunately for me no werewolves came my way. (A part of me wonders if this is a subtle insult, that I’m not tasty, while the other part of me is wondering why I wonder such things.)

Have I mentioned my horse riding skills? Good. I won’t.

I can say that the air seemed clearer and cleaner. The nights were more crisp and the stars brilliant in the sky. Their moon that hovers above for an entire month out of every three was larger. The air seemed to crackle with the raw and natural magic, and that’s an observation coming from someone who doesn’t possess magic.

Any world is magic if you allow yourself to experience it, I’ve discovered.

2013-08-04, "Rawlins at Sunset." Christina Anne Hawthorne

2013-08-04, “Rawlins at Sunset.”
Christina Anne Hawthorne

Of course, I know, no one in our world possesses magic and only some of those who live in Ontyre have it, but if you journey from here to there you find out if you would have had it there, for it manifests with time. Likewise, if someone from there were to travel here, and if that person possessed magic, they’d lose the ability to access the gift after a few days.

Oh well, that isn’t really a concern for any of us.

Or is it?

4 Replies to “Journey to the Other Side”

  1. Fasting does all sorts of crazy things, I agree. I find that my mind clears a bit if I go too long, then I start chewing on the things on my desk. I would love to visit Ontyre one day, sounds like my kind of place.

    • I like to think of Ontyre as fantasy steeped in reality. There’s much that we’d view as “fantastic,” but the people there have hopes, dreams, and difficulties that we could identify with.

      You’re right that fasting does clear your mind…there are benefits. I also treated myself to breakfast out after the blood was drawn, though I also had to have a bone density scan first.

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