The Eyes Have It

After careful consideration I’ve decided that before I hit the road again I need to be able to see it or I’ll be hitting something else…

Okay, I’m not that bad, but it is time to see an eye doctor.

That’s right, I’ve reached this advanced age and have yet to have my eyes checked (shame! boo! hiss!). Yeah, I know…

Guilty as charged.

From 2011.

From 2011. Here’s something you don’t see every day…literally.

About four years ago I relented and started wearing reading glasses. They’re the minimum power, but still more than adequate for reading. Strangely, the one distance where my eyes still excel is looking at the computer screen.

So, yeah, like right now.

Or when I’m continuing Shayleen’s tale.

Or when I’m editing Ergain’s story.

When I last renewed my driver’s license I barely passed the eye test so I knew glasses were in my future. As it was they put a restriction on my license. Now I’m required to have mirrors on both sides of the car. That was a few years ago and soon I’ll face that test again after I migrate to Colorado early next year.

To be more specific, I’ve noticed difficulty reading distant signs. Most notable are the signs they hang at the end of the aisles in grocery stores telling you what’s located there. I can easily read the closest one, but not the one at the opposite end.

Not sure when that happened.

Some might say it’s a sign of aging. Well, uh, yeah, okay, they’re right.

Still, I’m looking on the bright side…I mean, other than regaining my full eyesight. This visit will represent another significant step towards my relocation (I already had my car checked…it’s sight is okay), which I’m looking forward to making.

Not that it’ll be easy moving in winter, but that’s how it’s worked out so that’s what I’m going to do. At least there won’t be bugs hitting my windshield.

Strange to think that I haven’t moved more than a few miles in 23 years.

Yikes…kinda scary.

One advantage this time around is that many of my possessions remain packed since I moved about 18 months ago. Circumstances deemed it necessary.

Still, though months remain, yet there’s much to do.

Canceling services…

Changing addresses…

A new driver’s license and auto license plates after I reach my destination.

Finding a place to live.

Exploring in the garage.

2013-10-10. Exploring in the garage.

Of course, there’s my absolute favorite: packing.

Yes, I’m kidding about that.

And through it all I’ll be writing…maintaining this blog and all the fiction writing. How will I manage all this at the same time? By going insane, of course.

Thankfully, at the end of that road will be new people, sights, and inspiration.

8 Replies to “The Eyes Have It”

  1. I hope the move goes smoothly. Don’t let yourself get too stressed out. Computer reading is often the easiest, since many people are nearsighted. If you are, vision tends to be focused at about arm’s length. That’s why the computer is in focus and distance is blurry.

  2. Christina I hate the move but love exploring new places once I am settled. I have just been informed I need reading glasses as I noticed I could not read the instructions on the kids medicine bottles anymore. The optometrist tells me “You have done pretty well for YOUR age to get away with out them for so long!”…gee thanks I think lol.

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