Happy Thanksgiving

funny-cat-wallpaperToday is a holiday in the United States: Thanksgiving Day. Traditionally it’s our day for families to gather and enjoy each other’s company. The dinner varies, but the stereotypical meal involves turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, pies, etc. Many families tune in to watch football on television and some, weather permitting, venture into the yard to play some football of their own—and to burn off a few calories.

There’s no family gathering for me this year. That’s what happens when family is far away. It was difficult transitioning to an empty nest, but I’ve adapted. The cats enjoy football, mostly because it’s rare couch time and I think they secretly root for the teams with cat names.fbteam-67224-4849600-4528

Central to the day is “giving thanks.”

Well, I’ve more to be thankful for than I can list. Family members are healthy and pursuing worthwhile careers. My health is good…drastically better than it was a year ago. I’m excited about the novel and the response to my blog (thank you!). Soon I’ll relocate (possibly to Missoula, Montana) and each day the excitement builds a little more.

Even the kitties are doing fine.

And the giving?

The work that’s most dear to my heart is writing, and it’s in the giving that I feel the true magic.

It’s indescribable.

The online story feels like a direct link to you all. The complete story, in general, is in my head, of course, but each week I tackle presenting a new installment that, at the very least, matches the quality achieved the week before.

I believe it’s helping make me a better writer. Thank you for that.thanksgiving-turkey-cover

There are those who have their own Thanksgiving Day (Hi Canada!) and others who give thanks on other special days. My greatest hope is that we all give thanks every day.

Thank you all.

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