Beginnings and Endings

For me, Christmas was a wonderful day for celebrating family and a significant day in my life beyond the holiday.

I was alone through the day this year, yet I probably logged five to six merry hours on my new phone. There’s nothing like having your loved ones close enough to hug, but hearing their voices helped lesson the sting that accompanied missing them.

Truly, when they’re more than a day’s drive away they might as well be around the globe. Without a doubt, when they’re out of reach that’s how it feels.

My day started with an end.

4:30AM, Christmas morning.

4:30AM, Christmas morning.

Christmas Eve night I went to work for the last time, returning home on Christmas morning. There were difficult goodbyes with coworkers and those residents that I saw. This heavy heart produced a few tears towards the end and on the drive home.

Of course, then there were presents and phone calls…

Now, as I write this at Christmas Day’s end, I find that a new beginning looms. I see the jobs facing me in the coming year: planning, relocation, writing, and publishing.

I’m ready.

But first there’s my long-awaited nighttime sleep, something I haven’t done in quite awhile.

Still, we do what we have to do.

I did what I had to do to remain working when that was necessary. Now I do what I have to do to relocate myself where I’ll be happier and healthier.

English: The Clark Fork River flows through do...

English: The Clark Fork River flows through downtown Missoula. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My sights are trained upon Missoula in early January, but until then there’s much work to complete and a new year to begin.

Beginnings and endings, they’re always back-to-back. Thankfulness…it spans them.

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    • Thanks. They’re coming. Today was a big day that I need to put in perspective before I can write about it…perhaps next week. Tomorrow I’ll start some packing around writing. It’s all becoming real.

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