Power of One

This is a brief pause on my journey…

Here in the U.S. we’re halfway between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas so it seems an appropriate time to stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and acknowledge some special people who’ve entered my life this year:

All of you.

Thank you.

I created this site last February and am stunned at how many are following, especially since early autumn. Though I try to have fun here I also take what I do seriously and to me having so many people reading my work means that no effort on my part is too great.

I’ve so much more planned for you all.

A common theme in my writing is for someone quite ordinary to make a difference.

Keep that thought.

Can you imagine if everyone around the globe made a difference in one life. That one life being their own. And when they change for the better the ripples collide with other self-improved ripples.

I’ll call that the power of one.


One (Photo credit: mag3737)

I’m someone who failed to believe in herself for too long. Now, I’ve started down a road that’s drastically altering my life. It started when I decided I had value, that I had something to contribute. I’ve a dream and I’m working towards it no matter the road I must take. No more depression. No more self-doubt. I’m learning to slay those dragons.

Become an accountant. Start painting. Build a greenhouse. Encourage others online. Assist an elderly neighbor. Help. Create. Become.

This year I started Ontyre Passages and Ontyre Visions. Too, I’m working on “Where Light Devours” and “Last Word Before Dying.”

On Christmas Eve I go in for my last (probably tearful) shift at my job. My Christmas gift to myself is that when I return home on Christmas morning I’m going to stay up all day and then go to bed Christmas night and sleep when it’s dark!

Then starts the real work. In January I drive to Missoula and if all goes according to plan (we all know how plans can go) I’ll move in February. I’ll then write full-time and start producing more of the work I’ve been promising.

I can do this, for like everyone I possess the power of one.

English: Water ripples.

English: Water ripples. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As “ones” we can do so much more.

We are the caretakers of this planet and all that is on it. We are where it begins. It’s about the little things, the individual decisions. It’s about making a choice and then taking action. It’s about what you do and what you don’t do.

Let’s not hate. Let’s inspire.

Let’s not oppose. Let’s include.

Instead of, “I wish we could embrace the spirit of Christmas all year long” try “I will embrace the spirit of Christmas all year long.”

Christina Anne HawthorneIt’s about what we carry in our hearts.

It’s about individual responsibility.

It’s about the choices we make.

We are an army of ones, each with our own dream, each with our own ripple, and all we have to do is start. I’ll start with me.

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  1. Christina beautiful powerful words, some days I feel like I could take on the world and some days I hide from it. I guess next year I need to step up and work hard at my craft, we can make a difference even with a smile. Thanks for sharing I have enjoyed your creative company this year.

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