A Message

A short message…

My posting has been somewhat out of synch recently and today is no different.

I’ve now completed my journey to Missoula and remain thrilled that it went as well as it did. My new home awaits and I’ve much to do before I depart.

But first there’s another challenge.

Last Thursday morning I secured an apartment in Missoula that will be mine on February 10th. Exciting! I then spent the day driving around and taking pictures…even sat in a local coffee shop for awhile. I returned to my hotel room after sunset and posted my pictures to FB (I’ll soon post them here).

That’s when my phone rang and I learned that my father had had a stroke. They’d life-flighted him to the regional hospital where I live, but, of course, I was over nine hours away. Hours of phone tag followed until I spoke with the doctor overseeing his case and learned he was in a coma and the outlook was poor.

I departed for my soon-to-be former home early the next morning, but he passed away when I was still hundreds of miles distant. Suddenly, after we reconnected just two weeks ago, I find myself making arrangements and seeing to his burial.

I leave tomorrow.

Putting this all in perspective isn’t something I intend to do here, for that will take time. Instead, I’m sharing events with you all who’ve supported me for so long and letting you know that my writing life won’t return to normal until later next week at the soonest.

At this point I’m glad we were able to find the closure we needed. I’m also relieved that I took the time to send him our picture before New Year’s arrived.

Again, my sincere thanks to you all.

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  1. Christina I am so sorry to hear this and send you hugs across the miles. We never know what is in store for us and that is why we must live day by day, second by second. I am so glad you got to reconnect and have peace before he left on the next journey.

  2. I remember reading about this on FB. I am sorry for your loss, but am glad you were able to see each other again in the end. I think that meant a lot to both of you.

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