Stepping Back

Ice, snow, and wind were waiting alongside the road, but peace was waiting at the journey’s end…

I wish I could hug you all, for you’ve demonstrated extraordinary patience while I’ve wrestled with the chaos that descended upon my life this month. My sincere thanks.

For this post I’m going to reach back and clarify the tale I was attempting to tell over a week ago. We trudge forward through a world possessing little regard for our plans, a world always willing to toss our expectations back at us with a chaos spin…the erratically bouncing ball no one can corral.

My father is at peace now, perhaps for the first time in his life, and what remains is me returning to my dreams. I’ll talk about his passing in some fashion next week, but for the moment I’m returning to Missoula.

The pictures taken on my second day there never made it to Ontyre Passages so I’ll share them now. Grieving behind me, I’m free to again embrace the new home that awaits.

…The city that’s the perfect match for this girl full of crazy ideas.

My second day in Missoula was an exciting one. The air was brisk. The sky was overcast. The wind was, well, absent. I concentrated my picture taking near the downtown area where the University of Montana was also located and the river was accessible.

Walking path.

Walking path along the river’s south side. The man walking away had apologized profusely for stepping into my photo.

Clark's Fork River.

The largely frozen Clark’s Fork River from a pedestrian bridge. Looking west. The cat vet is located not far to the right, my new home not far to the left.


Pedestrian bridge.

A pedestrian bridge over the river west of downtown. Looking north.

At coffee shop.

Warming up with a hot drink in a coffee shop downtown. It was the most walking I’d done since I left work. Burrr…invigorating!

A different pedestrian bridge.

A different pedestrian bridge over the river with the university beyond. The Chamber of Commerce was behind me. They fill a bag with information for me.


Looking east.

View from bridge looking east. When I arrived in Missoula I came from this direction.

The university.

Looking towards the university with the river and downtown behind me. Note the large “M” on the mountain near the summit.


Football stadium.

On the university grounds looking towards the football stadium. Facing north. Go Grizzlies!

Downtown Missoula.

Downtown Missoula from Caras Park.


Clark's Fork River.

Clark’s Fork River from Caras Park with the downtown behind me.

Christina in Missoula.

Christina in Caras Park in Missoula. There were a lot of walkers and joggers there.


Missoula from southwest.

Looking towards Missoula from the southwest. This was taken above a parking lot that served several trailheads. There were hikers and bikers there despite the snow and ice.





4 Replies to “Stepping Back”

    • Thank you, Kath. Yes, I’m healing and I’m healing because I found what I was looking for. I’ll write about it this coming week, but until then there’s other writing to do and packing and more packing and more packing…

  1. I can see why you like it here. Beautiful place, away from all the crowds and traffic in so many places. Love the pictures, Thanks for posting them.

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