A time for lasts.

The last time driving down that street or this street. The last time going into that store. The last time at the mailbox, gas station, or pharmacy. The last time in this room or that room.

Last times…

For me last times started just over a week ago when I realized how unlikely it was that I’d ever pass through this city again. Sure, it’s on the way to Denver, but Denver is 15 hours from Missoula. Spokane is 3 hours. Seattle: 8 hours. Yeah, this is probably the last time.

The best memories are those attached to my children, but they’ve already left this city.

Of course, the great thing about memories is that you can take them with you. I’ve more memories in my brain than my iPhone or computer can store.


Nice try, nostalgia.

I wonder how many people, desperate for a fresh start, allow the past to pummel them into submission with memories and melancholy?

Misha's opinion of moving is showing on her face.

Misha’s opinion of moving is showing on her face.

Not me. Not this time.

This is my fresh start. Healthier living awaits.

This is also a fresh start for the cats, though they’d prefer to forgo the experience, especially the 620 mile drive. Their stress shows, which is breaking my heart. To ease their discomfort I’m maintaining their routines as much as possible. Their dishes haven’t moved. I’m still feeding them at the normal times. Even so, each day that our departure draws closer they spend more time on my bed—together.

Mr. Calvin is hoping to sleep until we arrive in Missoula.

Mr. Calvin is hoping to sleep until we arrive in Missoula.

Of course, I’m not looking forward to 620 miles over winter roads, either. Many factors led to my choosing February and despite the weather we’re having I don’t regret my choice.

At dusk on Wednesday.

At dusk on Wednesday.

I’ll drive at a crawl if that’s what it takes.

I’m a Taurus. We’re determined and stubborn. Don’t tell me I can’t. I especially won’t listen to that out of myself. Those days are over.

So, this is my last blog entry before departing on Monday morning before sunrise, though I’ll post a poem on Saturday. Tuesday’s Last Word Before Dying installment will come to you from Missoula unless I stop on my journey to spend the night. That will depend on weather and road conditions.Boxes.

Some numbers: boxed possessions in garage (≈ 85%), furniture in the garage (≈ 40%), my insanity level at this point (≈ 90%). I’ve had to limit my time in the garage because it’s bitter cold outside (well below 0℉ before factoring in the wind). Bending and lifting are taking a toll on my lungs, but thus far I’m managing okay and don’t anticipate any serious problems.

Physically, it’s all downhill from here.DONE!

It’s also downhill in the kitchen. I have a system for emptying drawers and cabinets. When I’ve removed everything I place a DONE Post-it on it. This keeps me from continually checking and rechecking to see if I’ve missed anything. That’s an amazing time waster. There’s only one drawer and cabinet left to empty in the kitchen and both almost qualify for a Post-it.

Except for last minute items, I’m aiming for everything in the garage before Saturday. If that happens then Saturday becomes a rest day. Sunday I pick up the truck and load it.

moving 1This is really happening!

I’m realizing a dream and my excitement level is off the charts. Soon I’ll return to walking. Soon I’ll return to my poor, neglected novel. Spring approaches. A new city awaits.

A time for firsts.

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  1. Christina home is where the heart and passion is and also where the soft kitty plays…… I know your journey has just begun and I am happy for you. Hoping the cats settle quickly have a safe journey my friend. See you on the other side xxxx

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