A Good Old-Fashioned Status Update

I’m standing in the midst of what must seem a lull to the world at large, but from my perspective the tornado is taking me to Oz. All the changes in my personal life don’t compare to the changes in my writing life. No complaints, though, because this was exactly what I intended. I’ll jump right into my business-like approach today…


The Move

  • I’m settling in nicely, though there are countless mini projects around the apartment awaiting completion. I’m ignoring them on an hourly basis and instead will tackle one or two per week. Believe me, if I didn’t take that approach you wouldn’t be reading this. Although, knowing they need done is driving me nuts!

    Montana plates.

    Finally, my Montana plates! I could nearly hear Etta James singing, “At Last.”
    Photo: ©2014 Christina Anne Hawthorne

  • Nothing ever goes as smooth as you’d like it. There was a mixup with transferring my title to Montana so I didn’t get my license plates until yesterday. Want another mixup? My new Wyoming driver’s license that I need in order to get my Montana license was sent to my old address and then shipped back to Cheyenne. It’s on the way here now.
  • I continue to love the walking paths here. Walking helps separate me from illness. The temperatures remain on the chilly side, but when it warms I’ll ready my bike and venture further.

    Montana Squirrel

    My little squirrel friend who greeted me. He had a friend, but he/she was shy and wouldn’t come down.
    Photo: ©2014 Christina Anne Hawthorne

  • The cats saw their first Montana squirrel yesterday. Misha instantly became a bushy cat, especially because it was nearly as big as her. The squirrels here must live well. One later came down a tree and visited with me while I was on a walk.
  • In general, the city remains all I’d thought it would be. High on my list is a short journey to Flathead Lake and Glacier National Park when the temperatures warm.



Shayleen's story continues...

Shayleen’s story continues, though the story is most of the way towards its conclusion.

  • Now that I’m about two-thirds of the way through my online story, Last Word Before Dying, I’ve reconsidered its position in the Ontyre series. It’ll be the first story completed, and though it doesn’t begin as the first story chronologically, it ends before Where Light Devours. Therefore, when the online story concludes I’ll revise any issues I’ve noticed and place it on Amazon as the first book in the series, and as a permanently free book. It just makes sense.
  • The poetry collection is about 70% assembled. My goal is to have The Renaissance Cycle completed at the same time or shortly after the website. It’ll be my first-ever published work so I need to allow for a learning curve. The book is divided into four parts, the theme for each part building upon the ones before.
    Lake Seclusion.

    Ergain views Lake Seclusion and Talonton Keep in the Colossus Range.

  • Where Light Devours, my novel, has suffered the most neglect during my move/transition. After the website is completed the novel will be my focus, thankfully. It’s starting to feel like a dear friend who’s been gone too long.
  • Professionally, the website is my centerpiece right now, but there’s much going on behind the scenes as I separate my personal and professional lives. The government will view me differently at tax time in 2015. I attended my second online writers conference in late February. Last week I received my admission into RWA. I’m not a romance writer, but RWA is a good association to have. Too, there’s a local chapter here in Missoula.
  • After doing what little I could to the website I’ve been solidifying my vision and working on presenting a reasonable description to Laird Sapir so she can make it reality. As always, if you’d like an email subscription to the site you can do that in the sidebar to the right.

This is an extraordinarily exciting time in my life, but it’s all for naught if I fail to do what’s required. It’s crunch time. It’s time to keep my butt in the chair and my fingers on the keys. It’s time to make Ontyre a reality. I’ve never worked so hard and I’ve never loved so much the work I’m doing. Truly, Oz is wondrous.

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