Northwest Hartise


NW Hartise.

Northwest Hartise and Northeast Forstava. Chill River Region.
Map: ©2014 Christina Anne Hawthorne

In our exploration of Hartise maps we’ll start in the northwest since that’s where River Rock is located. In case you’re unaware, River Rock is where Last Word Before Dying takes place, my free online story. Some places of note:

  • Chill River. The principal river in western Hartise that flows out of an unexplored region.
  • Talonton Keep. Northernmost military outpost and home to the Talonton family after its construction in 3942. “Lost” in the 4113 overthrow of the government.
  • Transgamate. Largest city and the capital of Hartise.
  • Vistus. Ruins of the seer’s college. It was destroyed during the 4113 overthrow.
  • Meacine. Ruins of the healer’s college that was also destroyed during the 4113 overthrow.
  • River of No Beginning. In ancient times it was named by humans unwilling to determine its origins since it flowed out of dense forest (Forest of Shadows/Orsa Thail) they weren’t willing to enter. The ora’ean consider it the Thail Water.
  • Wurn Grasslands. The one location in Hartise where plains unicorns live.