Central Hartise

Our next map in the Map tour is Central Hartise, a map that doesn’t show new lands, but is instead important because it’s convenient. This is especially true in regards to the longer novels that come later like Where Light Devours and The Other Side of the Aperture. H’m, might it be that saving these locations until last means they’re especially important? Some locations to note:Central Hartise.

Wilder Hills. In days of old before the Emprensen Empire when Hartise was a part of the Kingdom of Aramon there existed a large ora’ean population in the Wilder Hills. After the Empire moved in most ora’ean migrated to Forstava. But not all. A modest population remains in those dense forests that cover the majority of the hillsides. Though the ora’ean interact with few humans, their forests hinder the Ministry’s efforts to suppress the north.

Sprawn. The largest remaining ora’ean settlement (“frond” to the ora’ean) in the Wilder Hills. Situated beside the Farien Stillwater, it’s a frequent destination for Becker Nigh, the leader of the Keepers.

Baris Plains. A vast, predominantly barren region stretching across central Hartise known for its devastating Reaper Storms in late spring and in the summer. Like the Wilder Hills it helps separate the Ministry dominated south from the Keeper dominated north.

Baris. During the days of the Emprensen Empire it was a thriving crossroads city largely because of the nearby mysquan mines. Over time the mysquan yields dwindled and later magic was outlawed, which shut down all mysquan mines. In present day it’s a dry, dusty, windswept impoverished city better known for its corruption, violence, and dungeons than anything else.

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