Southeast Hartise

Our next map in the Map Tour is Southeast Hartise, the Rift River Region. You may note that, more so than on the preceding two maps, there are a multitude of cities. That’s because the southeast represents the most fertile lands in the country. Some locations to note:

Southeast Hartise, The Rift River Region.

Southeast Hartise, The Rift River Region.

  • Transgamete. The largest city in Hartise and also the capital. In ancient times it’s lone significance was its location at the halfway point between the Empire’s capital in Emprensa and the ora’ean capital in Forstava. Union Arch, which marked the halfway point, still stands. A narrow land bridge allows entry from the east. A massive natural bridge allows westward travel where the two lakes join.
  • Carba. The largest city in the east. Set upon high ground amidst vast grasslands, it’s visible from a considerable distance.
  • Vernathia. Named for Vernathia Pammer-Barst the most beloved queen the country ever had and a woman treated as a daughter by the then senior most wizard, Argus.
  • Horthure. College for the sylvans that was destroyed during the 4113 overthrow. In the valley there, known as the Land of Lands, anything can be grown because of residual magic caught in an infinite loop owing to unique stone formations.
  • Barrier Range. Mountains that are aptly named because they help minimize attacks from the southeast.
  • Lowlands Forest. Boggy lands that greatly minimize travel and attack from the south. There are paths through the forest, but moving an entire army through is far more problematic.

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  2. That map is SO COOL! Inspiring, and for me there is something magical about maps – especially of fantasy lands. It is that indefineable combination of the wonder of the unknown – coupled with the promise of reading the stories behind the map. Brilliant stuff!

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