Southwest Hartise

Our next map in the Map tour is Southwest Hartise, The Triad Hills Region. In large part its’s sparsely populated, but there are a few locations worthy of discussion. Some locations to note:

Southwest Hartise, the Triad Hills Region.

Southwest Hartise, the Triad Hills Region.

  • Sentinel Tower. Built in 3314 to commerate the victory at The Battle of the Sentinel Forces in 3285, a victory that helped save the nation, at that time all that remained of the once vast Emprensen Empire.
  • Oaken Castle. It originally belonged to one of those who helped save the nation when the empire collapsed, but in present day it was given to Ard Rurlington after the Ministry was formed. It’s used as a training ground for new practitioners.
  • Sentinel River. The valley surrounding the river is one of the most fertile in Hartise and is well known for the gin produced there.
  • Key River. Once the premier in western Ontyre for commerce in the days of the empire and the kingdoms that bordered it in the days before the empire. Its waters flow south to the ocean. Where it and the Graythor River converge are the ruins that were once the ancient city of Meldenphire.
  • Knar Range. Another barrier along Hartise’s southern border. Unlike the Barrier Range, it’s far more arid. Too, though the mountains aren’t nearly as tall, they’re rocky and jagged. This mountain range is the natural habitat for the brown gargoyles that are traded in Hartise as home protection.

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  1. Christina, I love how you go about your planning and those beautiful maps. I sent to an email on a blog tour event, please let me know if you are interested in running with it and send me a bio so I can link it to you. Cheers Kath

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