Life is Rich

In diversity we are rich. For some reason as we approach what I consider the year’s midpoint this thought strikes me. Yes, many—perhaps most—believe we’ve already passed the year’s midway Continue Reading →

Providing Mystery

Everything you don’t know is a mystery. There’s the mundane: “Are those leftovers in the fridge still good?” There’s the unsettling: “Why is someone watching my house at night?” There’s Continue Reading →

My Interview with John Robin

John Robin so kindly requested an interview and this was the result. My sincere thanks to him for this great experience and such insightful questions. You can view the complete Continue Reading →

Train Stations

Photo: CA Hawthorne

I wanted to be a writer when I was young, but I became convinced the train I sought had already left the station before I arrived. Where, I wondered, was Continue Reading →

Stop What You’re Doing

Photo: CA Hawthorne. Twin Domes in Carlsbad Caverns.

STOP! Think about what you’re doing right now. Ever hear about the person who ran with the ball before catching it because in their mind they were already making the Continue Reading →

Stumbling Over the Timeline

Lake Seclusion.

Sometimes you step around the corner and realize the road is taking you in an unexpected direction… I have to admit to feeling a little lost right now having concluded Continue Reading →