Ever Rising

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Looking back after the storm has passed
there’s amazement in seeing how quickly the world became dark,
how dense the clouds, how vast,
the beauty within the day gone from my hands
before I could tighten my grasp.

Running helter-skelter seeking safe harbor,
but there were no sheltering bays to stand firm beneath my feet,
not when my mind was one step before,
waiting with cold words to charge the clouds
and intensify the storm.

Empty echoes on the road I splashed down,
seeking worth in this stark place I dwell between worlds,
this bitter place bidding me to drown,
this isolated place where I seek escape,
but there’s no escaping what’s in myself.

Yes, my personal lightening crash came again,
crushing me to my knees on a muddy road where I’m alone,
and as I look through the waves of rain
and struggle to regain my feet
I wonder how long before no self remains.

In the street I recover, and as always, I rise,
knowing not how many chances remain in my future unwritten,
no answers to that question, I surmise,
but since I’ve tasks yet to perform
the end must wait until I decide it’s time.

©August 2014, Christina Anne Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne.

Photo: CA Hawthorne. There is life after the storm.

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    • Oh, yes, I’m in a very good creative space. Time continues to gain speed with each passing year. Summer wanes here and autumn whispers already, especially at night. Yesterday was Labor Day, our unofficial end to summer. This will be my first autumn in my new home and one that promises to be a beautiful experience. It’s literally decades since I lived somewhere where the changing colors were a delight. I have high hopes for Missoula. Autumn has always been my favorite season, yet taken from me each year for longer than I can remember. This year is truly a gift.

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