Phantom Embrace

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Clock ticking…
I can’t hear it.
I hear clicking,
my heels on the pavement
as I run away from myself.

Hadn’t thought it possible…
me standing still,
emptiness immeasurable
realizing self-told lies kill
as easily as a deepfreeze heart.

Where do you run
when longing’s ghost is everywhere?
Where do you turn
when the walls don’t care
and emptiness is nothing to lose?

Time to move on…
always facing that hill.
Holding on ‘til the morn
when the new day brings what it will
and I face what comes.

Sun setting as I turn out the light,
seeking to spare my heart ’til dawn,
but heartache endures the night
echoing in dreams gone wrong
that wake me to empty night and a ghost to hold me.

©August 2014 Christina Anne Hawthorne

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