Wrestling with Technology

There’s nothing quite like discovering you have no idea what you’re doing. Fortunately, I didn’t discover this disquieting revelation while driving a vehicle. Actually, that did happen once, but it had to do with a reaction to Prednisone and is a different story). In this case it had to do with merging my mailing list with my blog posts. I discovered that after all these months my list was sitting there doing nothing.

Yeah, just chillin’.

I setup my mailing list with Mailchimp, but didn’t realize there was another step to enable people to receive my posts in their email. So, yup, there it sat. Chillin’. For months.

And I made it through calculus on my way to a college degree?

Oh how fun it is to learn by your mistakes when it’s done in full view of the world. When I posted recently that I intended to create a newsletter I was alerted that my posts weren’t arriving in people’s inboxes (thanks, Laurie). I investigated and discovered the mailing list does nothing unless you tell it to do something. Duh.

Long story short…the problem is not only fixed, but I placed myself on my own list so I’ll know if everything is okay. I also tested the list on myself, which felt a bit like a something a mad scientist would do, but I risked it anyway. All went as it was supposed to.

Oh joy!

It was a good lesson and paves the way for the newsletter. Like my developing writing style for fiction and blogging, I sense the newsletter will find a unique voice and evolve over time. To start, I plan to include detailed updates on my various writing projects along with tackling another topic or two. I plan to start the newsletter between mid September and early October.

In other technological news…

Image: CA Hawthorne

Image: CA Hawthorne

As I reported last week, I successfully added Last Word Before Dying to the menu on my website where it’s easier for people to access. In Photoshop I’m working on developing additional art for Last Word Before Dying that may or may not become the cover. I’d become frustrated with where my efforts were going, but after setting the project aside for over a week it is again moving forward and I’m pleased with it thus far.

Another technological achievement was learning how to connect my laptop to my home theater system so I can view the web on my television. Okay, it isn’t related to writing, but I was proud of it. I’m an avid Green Bay Packers fan and that was necessary for viewing games since I don’t have cable (I wouldn’t watch enough to justify it).

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

What has me most excited right now is Where Light Devours. I’m at the brink (as in, at the acrophobia edge) of completing the developmental edit phase. In terms of time, I’m talking about hours away. I also do some line editing during the developmental phase, but for the most part it’s about fixing plot holes, flow, pacing, adding/removing scenes, etc.

I’m so close I can taste it and it tastes nearly as good as chocolate or pizza.

Next, I’ll move into the line editing phase, which should proceed more quickly since other people will soon join me in the process. Much that’s good and exciting is just around the corner and I’m excited.

Happy dance!

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