Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Where has love gone?
Chased away.
Forgotten and forlorn.
Beaten by greed, fear, and hate.

People abandoning people
to fill expanding emptiness.
People hoarding things
to buy eternal happiness.

Weary loneliness standing still
when it thinks it’s running.
Enlightened voices rendered mute
before tragic sorrow’s singing.

Desperate reach for Sanity
before it shoots people in the street.
Weeping children clutching Hope
before it admits defeat.

I can’t breath—or scream
with a chokehold on the question,
but still the question remains,
“Where has love gone?”

©December 2014, Christina Anne Hawthorne

4 Replies to “Lost”

  1. Stunning poem Christina and one I think about when I watch the news. I know the love is there in this world but the media like to share only the sadness. So I try to spread that love across my small patch of earth. And now I can also send it across the universe to you. Christmas hugs from afar. I have enjoyed reading your posts this year and look forward in sharing 2015 with you. Where we can share the love out to this world.

    • Thank you, Kath. Think of this poem as a “thank you” to those like you who spread love each day. Like you say, the media focuses on all that’s wrong, but increasingly it’s easier for them to find it. Still, my focus here is on those struggling and dying needlessly, their numbers growing even in such a prosperous nation as this one. Not since the Oil Barons of the early 20th Century have we had such disparity—and it’s growing. Anyway, I risk diving into a rant here and will thank you again while wishing you and yours the warmest of holidays this Christmas. Many hugs to you.

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