Carrying a Label

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

They scream at the superficial
not caring what you’re all about,
they only want to know your label,
how your binding fits on the shelf.

Though there’s a road you wish to tread
you’re easier to monitor if locked,
so they take away your freedom
and set you in a box.

Labels are a straightjacket,
self-expression with a zero sum,
and reducing you to less than human
is the label that says, “Unwelcome.”

©March 2015, Christina Anne Hawthorne

5 Replies to “Carrying a Label”

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  2. Maybe that’s why I have always naturally made sure that I defied all labels. As a child I was never good at acting lady-like, was more of a tomboy – but then again wasn’t into the role enough to be a true tomboy.But at the core I was neither, just me. I got married because I found someone I wanted to marry – not because I was supposed to. I had kids because I found someone that I wanted to have children with, not because that’s what I was supposed to want. I have always worked to be consistently inconsistent. Which probable boils down to doing what makes sense to me, what I want to do regardless what I am supposed to do or how people label me.

    • The best path to walk is the path that’s right for you, Laurie, and sounds like you’ve done an excellent job of embracing you instead of any labels. That’s no small accomplishment and great to hear.

      • I’d like to say ti’s been easy, but it hasn’t. It’s still not easy because it never stops. People frequently making assumptions, but me a box where I don’t belong and it sometimes doesn’t matter what I say. Some people just can’t perceive the possibility that some of us out here are not sheep. Some of us can think for ourselves. Although, a lot of the credit to that Taurus blood. There have been times when I have wanted to fit in and to do what others are doing. But I’m too stubborn to let go if my beliefs. Not that they never can change, but not without much thought. I don’t sway easily.

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