Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Exploding over emotions,
crashing against cliffs with great claws…
Tremendous rage.
A boiling, seething sea of unleashed fury
searching for an outlet,
seeking death…
wanting only to tear itself to shreds,
to extinguish its host.

My heart withers.
My ravaged soul lamenting that all is lost.
Where do I find the me that should have been?
She’s in the mist,
walking a path unknown…
leaving me to build a life anew.
She’s but a whisper,
a presence dancing in the trees,
free and out of reach as she’s always been.
She’s led me to this place,
the distance far enough,
or is it not?

Dropping to my knees,
my fists crash upon the soil until they bleed…
Tremendous rage.
Until my hands still upon the earth
frustration’s tears absorbed,
my sight clearing…
the core of who I am settling upon the land,
upon its center.

©March 2015, Christina Anne Hawthorne

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