Spring Cleaning

Photo: CA Hawthorne

The desk after completion from the front. Photo: CA Hawthorne

Spring is in full bloom here with the temperatures warming and the trees budding. Walking weather is here and I’ve recently completed overhauling my apartment, which included lots of cleaning and reorganizing. Some of you may remember my post about creating a standing desk…yeah, that was the start of my projects.

Speaking of the standing desk…

I haven’t thus far found the correct size bookcase that I wanted for its back side so I put a curtain up as a temporary measure until I find what I’m looking for.

Photo: CA Hawthorne

The flip side. Photo: CA Hawthorne

Speaking of the standing desk…

As a follow-up I’ll share my impressions thus far. It hasn’t been long enough to know if it’s having positive health benefits yet, but psychologically, at least, I’m pleased. There are at least 4-6 hours per day that I now spend standing that before were spent sitting. No longer do I drop onto a chair and grumble if I have to get up. Instead, I’m moving all the time. I’m writing, but my feet are free to wander. I can pace when I’m thinking or do leg flexes when I’m typing (like now).

So far there aren’t downsides. Your legs do become fatigued so being able to sit is important (thus the stool). The big lesson I’ve learned is that footwear matters. For instance, if I crawl out of be and start writing with slippers on my feet my legs grow fatigued quickly (like now). It forces me to don tennis shoes earlier.

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Writing Rock. Photo: CA Hawthorne

A couple of other notes…

After over a year I finally took a picture of Writing Rock, one of my favorite locations to sit and write, especially poetry. Unfortunately, this is also the brief period when the rock isn’t accessible owing to snowmelt swelling the river. Then again, from a photography standpoint it’s a good time to take a picture because the water showcases the flat rock.

Finally, a wedding announcement—of sorts. Last year I started sprinkling squirrel food outside the living room window to do my part to support the squirrels of America and to entertain the kitties. Not only is my squirrel back again this spring, but he’s bigger than ever and returned with a significant other. Yup, my squirrel has become a happy couple.

Photo: CA Hawthorne

A cat’s view of the happy squirrel couple. Photo: CA Hawthorne

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  2. My legs would not cope Christina I have weak knee joints but I admire anyone who can write whilst standing. I also love your writing rock, what a beautiful setting to get creative in. Spring has sprung if your squirrels have matched up, animals know best. Enjoy the most beautiful of seasons and thanks for sharing your writing space with us.

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