Connecting Plan

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

What would the lonely say if their voices we heard…
rather then silent walking,
their eyes downcast,
rather then staring at phones,
messages lost in the past?
So much connectivity in society
—so many disconnected—
paying more than they should for a connecting plan,
yet unable to buy a hug,
drifting and waiting, not for a hand,
but eye contact.
Let’s see the world.

©June 2015, Christina Anne Hawthorne

5 Replies to “Connecting Plan”

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  2. Beautiful and a good reminder to look up. I always find myself obsessed with social media when there are people all around me to connect with!

  3. Christina I love this, two people sitting at a bus stop texting, both lonely and yet they do not even look at the human sitting next to them. In a world where for me, the internet can be a wonderful connection if you are isolated. It can also stop you from venturing out into the real world, right there in front of you. I see classes at school in the future teaching kids how to disconnect from their social media apps and learning how to experience life without a phone. Laugh but if you ask the young could they go a day without their phones they all say no, they say they all would feel so disconnected.

    • I read recently that the average amount of time it takes before someone doesn’t feel anxiety when separated from their phone is three days. I can see that growing to the point where, like you say, children must be taught to NOT need that connection. Technology has given us much, but like every advancement there’s a price and a correction required.

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