Ten Questions

Wow, I’ve been handed an easy blog post for this week. Cheryl Wright over at Plucking of My Heartstrings has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger award. Accepting is optional, and I routinely avoid the whole nominating/thinking up questions process, but I’m still honored and touched.

This is especially an honor coming from someone who epitomizes the title Versatile Blogger and who does so via moving, insightful, and entertaining posts. I highly recommend the blog and will still go ahead and answer the questions she put forth in her blog post, My Third Versatile Blogger Award.

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Misha. Photo: CA Hawthorne

1. Have you ever tipped a cow? No. I have, on the other hand, tipped cats on a regular basis. This usually results in a great many claws gripping my hand, a prelude to the kitty washing a spot before he/she administers a “love” (warning) bite. Ah, the interesting psychology of cats.

2. Would you rather read on a Kindle or a paperback book. The short answer is that I prefer books, not out of nostalgia, but because I like to flip around in the book while I’m reading to clarify details. My Kindle (yes, I have one) doesn’t lend itself to that all that well. If you don’t remember exactly where the information is located then my search that should have taken a few seconds might take several minutes. On the other hand, my Kindle is an unimaginable space saver, and as someone who lives in a small apartment that’s a big deal. The space I do have is reserved for my most beloved books and reference books. If I borrow at the library I come home with a hard copy.

3. If someone were to make a movie about your life, who would you hope played you? So much for easy questions…this is always a tough one and one I avoid if I can. As I put more decades behind me I find I must regularly update what young actress I’d choose. After all, if the movie were about my present self I’d choose myself, wouldn’t I? Ha ha. Inevitably, I believe, this usually degenerates into more of “who I’d like to look like” rather than “who’d best portray me.” I don’t overthink these questions, do I? Anyway, my gut says Emma Stone, but that could change next week.

4. What is your favorite thing to spend money on? Inexpensive earrings if I’m watching money, but clothes or shoes if I’m reckless. Shoe stores, I’m convinced, pump magic gas through their air systems. It’s all that explains the madness that overtakes me when I walk through their doors.

5. Is the glass half full or half empty? Half empty. We always have more to add to our lives.

6. Which of the five senses would you say is your strongest? Sight, and not just because I’m especially visual, though I am (I pay close attention to lighting and angles when I watch a film, for instance). The real reason my sight sense is so acute is because of the extreme arachnophobia that’s honed it. If I walk through a room and there’s a spot that wasn’t there before I’ll notice it. Of course, there might also be an elephant, but I’ll probably miss that because my sight is focused on the little things.

7. Are you allergic to anything? Not where I live now. Dust will send me into fits of sneezing, but I don’t consider it an allergy. Ragweed will do the same and will also make my sinuses run and run, but unless I jump into the middle of mature ragweed I’m okay. When I was growing up in New York I suffered severe allergies, especially in the autumn (red, itchy, swollen eyes was just the beginning). The result was the same when I was on the west coast. That’s part of the reason I’ve remained in the relatively dry Rocky Mountain region as an adult.

8. What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Dusting. See #7 above. I dust because I despise it coating my home, but I’m not happy about it when I do it.

9. Do you have more than one blog? (you can add it here if you’d like) My WordPress blog is where I started so long ago, but these days I also have my website, which is tied to WordPress. It’s located at christinaannehawthorne.com (Ontyre Passages) and is my primary site now. My WordPress account is more a gateway to the website.

Photo: CA Hawthorne

My home as I saw it yesterday. Photo: CA Hawthorne

10. The best part of waking up is ______________________________.
Yikes, I remember when the easy answer was “Folgers in your cup” (an old commercial). The 2015 Christina answer is “possibilities.” Sure, I’m glad to wake up, but if I didn’t wake up I doubt I’d be worrying about it much. No, my answer is the possibilities that each day brings. It might be a “bad” day full of learning or it might be a “good” day full of accomplishments or something in-between, but it’s the possibilities that intrigue me.

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  1. Thank you so much Christina for your kind words. It’s an honor to read what you wrote about my blog as I consider you one of the most creative and talented bloggers that I follow. Loved your answers to the ten questions especially the last one. I agree that each day brings about new possibilities….sometimes we have to look hard, but they are always there.

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