Summer Gratitude


Photo: CA Hawthorne

Here I am late at night with rambling thoughts in late July so I’ll just make this a short note. Time, it seems, has fallen into a lull, or perhaps life is taking a breather. A pause. You get the idea. They talk about the dog days of summer and that, too, is touching my life at the moment—literally.

Today I started watching over three of my grand-pets 25 miles away while their mother is out of state in a wedding. There’s the cranky, though secretly affectionate, Kiki the cat; gruff, loveable, and newly rescued Duke the pit bull; and Miya (another rescue) the Japanese chin who’s blind, on multiple medications, and is the happiest dog you’d ever meet.

…And Miya just stole Duke’s bed.

It was warm today, but right now the cool mountain breeze is easing through the house. Dry air and cool nights make summers more enjoyable.

The pneumonia that dogged me all spring is finally gone. A touch of the hypersensitivity in my lungs remains, but it, too, is fading. I’m meditating and doing yoga. My health is the best it’s been since last autumn. I’m becoming increasingly integrated into life in my new home and that means I’ll drive back to Missoula tomorrow to attend a picnic.

Life has begun taking me in directions I couldn’t predict and I’m grateful for each day and each new person I meet.

Life is good.

Still, as much as life is good for me I’m keenly aware that that isn’t the case for everyone, as looking at rescued animals reminds me. I cringe with each news report where people have suffered because of hate. I read the stories, but I don’t accept them. I refuse to shake my head and mutter, “That’s just how it is.”

We shouldn’t say in the comfort of our home what we wouldn’t say to the face of someone suffering. Beware, for resignation becomes a habit. We dare not give up on the human race.

Such are my thoughts on this summer night away from home.

3 Replies to “Summer Gratitude”

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  2. I try to dwell on the good stuff when the world falls into chaos Christina. So glad you are feeling better. Its so cold here, that summer breeze sounds wonderful. Im trying to learn meditation but for this active mind its not coming to me easily, but I won’t give up.

    • Don’t give up! Chaotic, seemingly limitless thoughts flooding your mind when you meditate is exactly what’s supposed to happen when you begin, and the beginning stage can last a long while. I’m only to the point where I recognise this fact (the equivalent of that first step beyond the starting line). Don’t disparage yourself over this, if you are. Examine those thoughts, separate the “story” from the emotion and look closely at the emotion. Do you face the same emotions over and over again when you meditate? If you do, then that’s a consistent issue for you and discovering that fact is a huge victory!

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