Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

a great weight to carry,
a crushing blow that lays me low.
This globe, rich in humanity,
is awash with people failing to see
that inside I’m carrying the planet’s weight…

and I’m no Atlas
no titan of old with strength renowned.
I fight a crushing weight on a planetary scale
and all I can think about isn’t, “what if I fail?”
but, instead, “what if no one cares?”

the word holds my thoughts
and I remember she for whom I should most care.
She is the one I should love without doubt,
she who deserves new shoes and a dinner out,
but most of all deserves my attention…

the time I know I deserve
rather then past reflections or future dreams.
An anchor in the present is more than a lease,
it’s the place inside where there’s peace,
peace to share, peace that knows no loneliness.

©August 2015, Christina Anne Hawthorne

3 Replies to “Evolution”

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  2. Beautiful poem Christina we have all been there. Loving ourselves is the best way, but it does not come naturally for all of us. Peace that knows no loneliness, must be an amazing place to be.

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