Searching the Unlit Way

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Walking my dreamscape house,
long and narrow,
door after door,
decisions without arrows.

Searching the confused indistinct
on a one way journey
where what was behind
mocks each step that trails me.

What’s unidentified is misplaced,
my gaze unsettling,
uncertain hands search,
but are rendered grasping.

On and on is again and again,
rooms that came before
become rooms with answers
yielding only more doors.

Time urges haste and flees,
the way is strangulation,
the clarity provided
reveals only frustration.

The way unlit, yet clear,
each and every night
until I act in the waking world
and grasp my dreams in light.

©August 2015, Christina Anne Hawthorne

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