Burning Up

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Wildlife flees.
People die.
Ash coats windshields
and clogs the sky.

Life disappears.
Day is night.
To save it all
firefighters die.

Lungs labor.
Eyes burn.
Drought continues
and still they don’t learn.

©September 2015, Christina Anne Hawthorne

5 Replies to “Burning Up”

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  2. I truly admire the courage of these brave souls. I honestly don’t think many of us (certainly not me) could even contemplate doing what they do.

    A part of me is always sad that people like this who literally do such a scary but essential service in our lives and actually save people earn a pittance for it while film stars and athletes earn in millions for well… playing games and donning make up.

    The world is truly upside down in some aspects

    • In the aspects you mention you are quite correct. I couldn’t agree more. Firefighters risk their lives, and in some cases lose them, to unselfishly keep us safe and protect our homes, yet they’re given little more than the privilege of doing so. In a sense they’re little different than teachers, who educate our future for increasingly less pay and more hours, all the while suffering those who know little about the profession.

      Yet, as you say, there are those who do little for exorbitant sums of money. I purchase groceries and see the faces of people on magazine covers whose claim to fame is nothing more profound than they stumbled into the public eye. Now, photographers follow them everywhere in an effort to catch them eating, sunbathing, or kissing (and when they fail to do so they Photoshop a story). We should celebrate and reward those who achieve a little each day over those who reach for excess with both hands.

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