They Will Come

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Please note: This picture has little to do with the subject matter outside the season. It’s policy on this website that the author never posts pictures related to this particular topic. Seriously. No joke. Never. Photo: CA Hawthorne

They will come.
You thought you made a deal for them to steal away,
but that was when the air was warm and they were young.

They will come.
You watch the leaves turn all snug alone in your home,
but the hordes waiting outside are now big and stout.

They will come.
Not via a knock on your door or a blow on the window,
but via the walls where they’re raising their young.

Yes, the spiders will come.
Not with a dance step and a smile, but a sneer to fear
as they wait unseen for you to switch off the light.

©October 2015, Christina Anne Hawthorne

*To all those participating in NaNoWriMo, good luck tomorrow morning as the “kickoff” begins. Don’t watch too much football or you’ll be behind (I know the feeling because my Packers play tomorrow night).

5 Replies to “They Will Come”

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  2. Love it Christina ours come out in the warmer weather, Im waiting for them I have a huge phobia but understand the need for spiders. I wish they were pink and very small, maybe then I could cope.

    • My phobia is huge. Here they’re most likely to come inside in the autumn when it turns cold and they’re looking for warmth and by then they’ve had over six months to grow big (big here isn’t all that big, but big enough for me). Still, we do have some tiny, fuzzy ones that jump around like they’re on a sugar high. They’re kinda cute—for spiders.

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