Are We Blind?

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

The polar caps bleed away
raising an ocean of tears
while truth drowns in denials
and lies laugh down our fears.

We’re lost in burning forests
and increasingly stormy skies
waiting for diseases yet named
while our planet clings to life.

And yet a starving human race
and the price paid for what’s lost
is deemed less important
than what a barrel of crude costs.

©February 2016, Christina Anne Hawthorne

4 Replies to “Are We Blind?”

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  2. Very well said. Blind to everything but that which will feed the greed. I think life is “played” like a game. The trouble, of course, is that we lose sight of what matters: a planet that is alive and is suffering. Just today I was reading that an Icelandic company will not kill 155 mink whales this year because Japan has too strict toxicity checks and that hurts their sales. I’m not complaining; that’s 155 intelligent beings saved but I can’t help noticing that it happens for the wrong reasons. Everything, including human beings, is numbers and resources to be managed. In the meantime, the planet is going apoplectic. Here’s the thing, though. Earth will survive and thrive again. I can’t say the same about the human race. Okay, I’ll stop ranting now.

    • Go ahead and rant. I completely agree. Too many view this planet as their property. It’s greed—absolutely. It’s also about a feverish need for power and control. More than anything, though, it’s arrogance, the human belief that we own this world when instead we’re caretakers charged with leaving it better than we found it. The hubris that is our disposable and self-centered mentality is so short-sighted we can’t even see when our nose is burning. We who have built an “unsinkable” ship and fought the “war to end all wars” have learned nothing. Our technology progresses, but we’re still living in caves and slaughtering each other at every opportunity.

      • This is why seeking compassion, tolerance, and acceptance is so important. I rejoice when I find people like you and there are millions who carry the same mindset around the world. Movements like Avaaz and other petition-style organisations have causes that sometimes bring me to tears. I’ve been following and donating what I can spare, for some time now and the one thing that I know for sure is this: change is possible but it’s not instant. It’s like a wave gathering momentum. If enough of us believe it’s possible then it becomes possible.

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