Why Not?

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

On the solid side of a fantasy,
yet just beyond a dream,
a whisper grows to a cry,
not hatred, nor a demanding,
but instead,
“Why not?”

©February 2016, Christina Anne Hawthorne

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      • I hope your ear gets better soon. Been there and it’s difficult.

        My haze is different, the emotional type. Learning to love and learning to balance love with loss, while challenging all the preconceived ideas my mind seems to carry (together with the “why not” questions). One of my favourite authors, Jeanette Winterson, wrote in one of her books “why is the measure of love, loss?” I resonate with that entirely.

        • I’m sorry to hear you’re weathering such a loss and the haze that follows. In such a haze we see, but don’t see, feel, but don’t feel. It’s an emotional haze many cannot understand. It’s a swirling fog where the path seems clear and then disappears. It’s also a time when you must take care and I dearly hope you are doing just that.

          • Such beautiful words, thank you, Christina, that’s a perfect description of where I am. I am going slowly and with love for myself. Taking care as you say is the most important part. Thank you so much.

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