Milestone Hill

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Some who pass from our lives
age as fine wine over time,
the memory growing richer
until they’re a legacy deep in our hearts,
our hand holding theirs tight
even after they fail to clear that last hill,
that milestone where they went missing in time.

Others who pass from our lives
become more distasteful with time,
the pain inflicted increasingly bitter
until they’re a cancer deep in our hearts,
each drink from a poisoned well
where we’re chained and cursing their name,
unless we forgive and walk on rather than dwell.

©March 2016, Christina Anne Hawthorne

3 Replies to “Milestone Hill”

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  2. Forgive, let go, but never forget. It’s the only way to stop the deadly inner conflict. Funny though how the “let go” part, usually comes together with massive life change potential. 🙂

    • There’s so much “right” in your comment. Forgiving isn’t forgetting. We can’t “unknow,” and certainly there are trust issues involved, and sometimes safety. “Life change potential.” Love that, and it’s true. Not letting go is like trying to move ahead with a massive bungee cord tied around your waist.

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