Questions My Cat Asks

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Misha. Photo: CA Hawthorne

If my human wants time alone,
wants solitude in the bathroom when she’s inside,
then why does she take every opportunity
to dig in the litter box finding what I hide?

If my human thinks those toys
she buys at the store are better than trash
then why does she hoard the garbage
and sneak it away to some secret stash?

If my human believes I’m a clean obsessive,
grooming until I must sleep,
then why does she change her fur each day,
cursing the mirror with words I bleep?

If my human sees my window viewing
as wasted time watching birds fly
then why has she built a shrine to moving pictures,
watching till water escapes her eyes?

If my human is a just human,
another bipedal with opposing thumbs,
then why does she creep, leap, and stalk,
acting most cat-like when night comes?

©March 2016, Christina Anne Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Mr. Calvin. Photo: CA Hawthorne

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      • Yes I know exactly what you mean. Lea is similar. We are used to measuring intelligence with words but they are different. There is silent knowledge and a non-logic based perception. It took me a long time to learn how to slow down the language filters and focus on what she wants. Not getting it always right and she tries hard to speak with sounds, bless her. Beautiful and gentle companions. Well, gentle, most of the time. 😀

        • Agreed. So often my cats, especially Misha, sit deep in thought as if working out puzzles. Misha is quite adept at tracking my actions when her back is to me, even if I’m silent. She watches the shadows. Clever girl.

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