Checking My Messages

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

I’m searching for a message,
a message of hope,
not for me or for you
but for everyone;
not a message telling us what we can’t do,
but what we can;
a message sharing possibilities
and no hate to burden.
Can you hear me?
Is anyone out there?
Is there hope waiting
or is there only fear?

©August 2016, Christina Anne Hawthorne

3 Replies to “Checking My Messages”

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  2. I believe there is hope out there. It is just getting harder to find. It’s complicated by right fighters. People who would rather be right than anything else. And so many people who will believe anything because they are afraid it’s true or they want it to be true. It’s getting harder and harder to find people who don’t fit into those categories. Oh, they’re out there. Just hard to find.

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