NaNo Week One Update

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month

The hour is late as I write this…whatever this is. Not really a blog post. More of an update. Well, kind of my thoughts after two days of NaNoWriMo. Hooray!

Well, to start (since this is NaNo), a glance at the numbers says I’m at nearly 10K in two days. Keep in mind that I have considerable free time thanks to damaged lungs. Too, my goal is to complete the novel, which I estimate will be around 100K. For me, this is the benefit of planning and knowing my characters. Still, numbers aren’t the true focus here.

Already I’ve had several story/character/thee insights I hadn’t anticipated, which is exciting. None of them have changed the story substantially, but instead made it stronger and, in one case, easier to tell. That’s always welcome. No matter the amount of planning, characters still manage to surprise once they flex their muscles and have a say in their actions.

As often happens when I’m this deep into drafting a story and putting in this many hours, my sleep is terrible. Crazy, wild dreams that are a mix of the story, my life, and chaos. Kind of a dream state on bad drugs told in fast forward. It’ll straighten out as I adapt.

This is the first sequel I’ve ever written and thus far? So far, so good. My head has been in Book1 so long that now finding myself knee deep in Book2 is its own magic, providing insights into Book1 I didn’t possess before. No major changes, just minor editing the book needs anyway. I didn’t see that coming, but am grateful. Too, there are more substantial whispers hovering in the back of my mind hinting at Book3 details.

No matter what you’re writing project is this November I hope it’s going well. If you’re participating in NaNo keep going no matter what your numbers are each day. One spark doesn’t seem like much, but sparks add up and soon you’re tending a bonfire.

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    • You’re right, 660 is better than 0. Also better than nothing is the added practice that helps refine our writer brains. With each new project I find my thinking processes are enhanced over the time before, something I’m certain you experience with all the skills you perform.

  2. Thats an amazing start Christina I hope its going well. I can imagine your dreams and head would be full of your story and thats a good thing. Two weeks in now and Im betting you are more than half way.??

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