I Know What You Are

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

I know who you are.
Always coming around,
smiling and charming,
but you’re bad drugs in a dirty needle,
wanting me numb,
wanting me wrapped in despair.

Let’s be clear…

I’ll banish you again,
and ten more times
if that’s what it takes.
You think you’re clever,
arm about my shoulder,
but I know what you are.

You may be a lifelong affliction,
but you’ll not be a daily condition.
I’ll banish you every day
for the rest of my life
if that’s what it takes.
I dare you to try.

©March 2017, Christina Anne Hawthorne

5 Replies to “I Know What You Are”

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  2. Give it a kick in the pants every time you write about it Christina. Depression comes in all shapes and forms. Keep fighting the fight you are amazing xxxx.

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