Another Rainy Day

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Rain, rain go away
return again on a different day,
that’s what I often hear,
what so many say,
but not me,
not today.

Relish the season
that’s blossoming spring,
leafing trees
and hillsides carpeted green,
it’s growth, it’s life,
and it’s a magical thing.

So bring your rain,
it brings no pain
to an awakening world
we’ve lived to see again,
a reminder to all of us
each day is a beginning, not an end.

©April 2017, Christina Anne Hawthorne

3 Replies to “Another Rainy Day”

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  2. Christina adore this poem I love the rain and the sound it makes on my tin roof. We need some now to fill up the water tanks. Hope the spring is lovely for you over there. We are having some gorgeous Autumn weather, my favourite season.

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