A Top 10 List of Dubious Importance: Rise & Shine!

Time for a little fanciful whimsy. Partly because I needed a break from the usual and partly because…

Photo: CA Hawthorne

Photo: CA Hawthorne

I won’t go there.

There are so many things we do in life that we never question. We believe the way we’ve always done it is the best way or the only way and there’s no need to change. You’d be surprised…

So, what are my best ways to get up each morning? Here’s my top ten list:

10. Swearing at the moment, the day, the world, the universe. Cursing the upcoming traffic, coworkers, and job. Whoa. Time for some meditation, exercise, and making significant life changes.

9. Leading out of bed with your left foot. This comes sooner because my preferred foot is my right, although I should have been…we won’t go there either.

8. Leading with your right foot (bet you saw this choice coming). A word of caution here. Paying attention to the foot you’re leading with can save you from getting up on the wrong side of the bed. Also saves on tangling your feet.

7. Climbing off the side that isn’t against a wall (you put the bed there, not me). This often happens to those nursing a hangover. If you’re sober, well, that’s a different concern. *Please note that if one side of your bed isn’t currently against a wall this is not a call for you to do so. You have enough problems.

6. With a yawn. You just yawned, didn’t you? Sorry. I couldn’t resist adding this one.

5. Waking up before moving. A personal favorite. Waking up first eliminates the terror that comes with waking up while on your way to the floor. All the scarier if you were dreaming about falling. Also helps with eliminating head injuries. (If you sleep on the floor you’re reading the wrong list.)

4. With a stretch. Please use caution if you aren’t alone. If you have a cat please wear protective gear as there’s a good chance you just became a target.

3. Don’t get up at all. We’re all trying to achieve this level of waking. While you aren’t actually accomplishing anything, it is its own level of achievement.

2. Being served breakfast in bed. Shh! If this is how you’re waking we won’t discuss it further. No sense jinxing it!

1. With a smile while recounting all you’re grateful for. Congratulations, you’re onto a good thing and have achieved master level. You’re smile while still in bed is like a dose of sunshine. If this isn’t you then please go back to the beginning of the list.


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