Drafting Madness, Oh How I Love to Catch It

Oh no. Yikes. I’m doomed. July Camp NaNo approaches and I’m going to draft another novel. Stop me before I draft again!

Too late.

I'm about completion, not numbers, but "winning" is always fun.

Back in April…

As if I need more editing to do. Then again, there’ll be the rest of the summer for editing. Still, the pressure. 43,200 minutes in April and I finished my 117K draft with only 45 to spare.


“But why, Christina, why?”

I’m glad you asked that question. In fact, it’s exactly the question I’d have asked myself were I asking the question, which, of course, I’m not. There are actually a lot of reasons…

• I’m returning to the same Cabin as in April, but with a few new faces. One face that’s the same is our Cabin leader. She’s persuasive.
• The support and camaraderie last April were outstanding. I found myself in the middle of some excellent writing discussions.
• My methods last March/April served me well and I’m anxious to see if I can duplicate my productivity.
• I’ll admit that I was hesitant. This will be my first July NaNo and I didn’t think I had enough ideas for another novel in my series. Then more pieces appeared in my mind, pieces that filled in my structure with only minor holes, which I’m already filling.

And the book? Well, first let me walk through the series structure. I originally talked about Bk1 and Bk2A and the like. Enough of that. I’m going to structure the Fantasy series in chronological order regardless of the cast. So, it goes like this…

Bk1: Trust in the Forgotten. Ergain Cursa, a courier for the Keepers, is inexplicably hunted by the Ministry of Magic and the government they control. Along the way she’s swept into multiple conspiracies, a romance she’s long avoided, and a vision of the future her father once swore could happen.

Bk2: Torment Surfacing. (An entirely different cast, but same country/timeline.) A party is sent into the remote Lost Hills to recover a vital communication revealing the time and place when hundreds are slated to die. It’s written in an ancient language so, to verify the letter’s authenticity, a young tutor’s assistant possessing personal demons is included—along with a traitor.

Bk3: A River in Each Hand. (Some of the Bk1 cast returns.) The hunt is on to recover the ancient Techsquanmic Codex that holds answers for melding magic and technology. It’s spells could also save the life of the protagonist’s love interest. It’s hidden, dangers roam the ancient ruins, and even more dangers lurk in her past.

Cover: CA Hawthorne Note: My "covers" are made as placeholders during NaNo and here.

Cover: CA Hawthorne
Note: My “covers” are made as placeholders during NaNo and here.

The new book?

Bk4: Traversing the Astral Plane. (Again, a different cast, but same country/timeline.) A girl raised in an idyllic existence is unceremoniously dumped into the unforgiving real world where she unwittingly causes fear. A boy raised amidst cruelty and grief is thrust back to his rightful place—where he’s hunted. Can they save each other before others die?

I used to list Bk2 third, but moved it up because it fit better there. It caused no timeline problems to do so since its events happen simultaneously with Bk3.

There’s already a rough outline and much of a narrative outline. Add some character sketch work and I’ll be ready to go. And there’s still two weeks! Of course, I’ll need that time to brush up on Meld Magic, Virtusfane, the Siren college at Asbray, and a host of other aspects of magic and Carrdia.

These books are more closely tied than it might first appear. An event in Bk1 and another in Bk3 have consequences in Bk4. A plan first conceived in Bk1 is initiated in Bk2. Key information learned in Bk2 plays a big part in Bk4. And on it goes…



3 Replies to “Drafting Madness, Oh How I Love to Catch It”

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  2. Good luck in Camp! I decided not to do it this time since I still have multiple projects going. I’ll be revising Flight…, hopefully producing my one-act play, getting ready for a writing conference I am helping with, and I’ve got this manuscript critique that I’ve been taking way to long to finish 😉

    Anyway, I’m always astounded at how many words writers like you can get on the page so quickly! It’s wonderful!

    • Thank you. And good luck to you digging yourself out, though we somehow always bury ourselves again. Ah, but how wonderful to have a lot going on. It’s energizing! As a writer/editor I can only imagine what a delight the conference will be for you. I’m sure it’ll be great.

      My revising self isn’t as overjoyed by my productivity as my drafting self, though revising self loves always having something to work on.

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